Reiki for Easing Pain

Extremely low frequencies (ELFs) of electromagnetic therapy, the same range that is emitted from Reiki practitioner hands, have been shown to heal both soft and hard tissue as well as decrease inflammation and pain.  These ELFs have the most significant effect when they are emitted in randomized sweeping between these ranges in no particular pattern.  However, no randomized pattern emitted from a machine seems to compare with the randomized sweeping that occurs with Reiki therapy which seems to match the electromagnetic state of imbalance in the affected area.

In specific studies the therapeutic effects of Reiki in relieving pain were noted with Reiki participants requesting less analgesics than control group participants receiving no Reiki therapy.  Strong evidence supports that biofield therapies including Reiki help to decrease the intensity of pain in general.  The pain-relieving effects of Reiki have also been studied under conditions of colonoscopy, abdominal hysterectomy, cancer, and in the elderly, all demonstrating a reduction in pain intensity.  Beyond this, Reiki is also being utilized as a form of therapy for managing sports injuries and maintaining overall health, with athletes endorsing the use of Reiki in helping them achieve optimal fitness.