Reiki for Stress Relief

In our daily lives we may learn about and try to implement stress management tips such as through ensuring that we follow time management tactics, “handle” our emotions properly, or benefit from the release of endorphins through exercise.  What about getting to the core of stress and releasing its root?

One of the theories behind Energy Medicine is that it works by ensuring the efficient and unimpeded flow of information through the body and ensuring that each area of the body is working at its appropriate, particular frequency.  According to bio-energetic research, Reiki may assist an individual to reach a “microgenetic moment” during which emotional stress and previous trauma lodged in the body can be released.  This would, in effect, raise an individual’s quality of life significantly by enabling the individual to release the weight of past stress and trauma.  Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that one of the primary effects of Reiki is that it effectively helps to release stress and prevent its build-up in the long term.  Releasing stress helps you to:

  • save brain cells
  • make intelligent decisions from the heart
  • maintain a sense of calm, peace, and joy
  • maintain a healthy weight
  • boost your immune system
  • increase physical vitality
  • live with a free and open spirit

As a powerful form of holistic healing, Reiki helps to draw together the mind, body, and spirit into a state of balance and wholeness.


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