Workshops focus on providing education that empowers you to better understand health and the steps to achieve balance.  The workshops are interactive since experiential education better ensures comprehension and retention.  Sign up for a workshop here or email Esther with any questions you may have.

Ayurvedic Eating Habits

“One man’s meat is another man’s poison.” -English proverb

Discover the Ayurvedic principles of healthy eating habits and how they apply to you personally.  The concept of aahar, or food, stretches beyond concepts of healthy eating which is uniform for each individual.  Besides adapting healthy eating concepts on an individualized basis, Ayurved also prescribes where, when, and how it is ideal to consume food.  Fundamental to proper food intake and of the utmost importance to health is the proper functioning the digestive fire, or agni.  We will examine signs of proper and improper functioning agni, the process of digestion, and its relevance to the health of structures of the body and mind.  Additionally, general properties of food will also be explored and together we will create recipes and meal plans building on these principles.

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             Introductory Session: 1 hour                   Complete Workshop: 3 sessions, 1 hour each

Ayurvedic Medicine and Yoga

Explore Ayurvedic physiology and gain a more enhanced perspective on the physical practice of Hatha yoga.  Hatha yoga practice is one of the eight-limbs in Yoga, a path leading towards spiritual insight and enlightenment.  Together with Yoga and Vedic Astrology, Ayurvedic Medicine forms a triangle of “wholesomeness”, enhancing and guiding one’s life on earth. In this workshop we will focus primarily on the application of Ayurvedic Medicine to Hatha yoga practice, which can be tailored to the constitution and needs of the individual.  Learn how to assess natural constitution, or prakruti and utilize this knowledge either to complement your own or your students’ practice.  Gain an understanding of conceptions of body, mind, and spirit according to Ayurved and become aware of how it draws light upon your yoga practice.  We will also discuss the fundamental principles of Ayurvedic philosophy and definitions of health which provide additional framework for understanding physical Yoga practice and Yoga philosophy as a whole.  Hands on, practical learning will include yoga exercises and review of asanas, or positions, coupled with awareness of and discussion of their implications in Ayurved.

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              Introductory Session: 1 hour                     Complete Workshop: 3 sessions, 1 hour each

Bio-Energetics Study Group

Learn about conceptions of the nature and function of the body, mind, and consciousness are transformed by recent scientific research.  Biomedicine and quantum physics merge to provide us with more comprehensive maps of the body and mind, giving a more unified perspective on their function from the most minute level of the cell to the complete human body.  Understand how this revised conception of “anatomy” alters definitions of health and well-being, man’s place relative to the Earth, and implications for consciousness.  We will discuss relevant topics from quantum physics, cell biology, physiology, and neuroscience in an elemental and understandable manner for the everyday student.   Additionally we will study energy maps and conceptions of the body-mind from a variety of ancient perspectives still relevant today.  Application will include simple exercises and group work demonstrating concepts covered.  Discussion will cover how this knowledge creates a shift in mentality and perception and how it can be integrated in order to achieve health and balance in everyday life.

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Complete Workshop: 4 sessions, 1 hour each