Ayurveda Mind-Body Health Program

Copyright Esther Kovacs

Copyright Esther Kovacs

The purpose of the Ayurveda Mind-Body Health Program is to provide one-on-one education which allows you to address one of the most pivotal aspects of health: digestion.  From an Ayurvedic perspective, balanced digestion is essential to overall general health and well-being. It is not just an occurrence related solely to the physical aspect but is integrated with the mental-emotional sphere as well.  The two are completely interconnected.  As such, the Ayurveda Mind-Body Health Program is truly holistic in addressing overall health.  It is the only one of its kind in the Chicago area and is unique in the entire Ayurveda community.

The 8-week program includes, but is not limited to: stress reduction and relaxation methods, interactive grocery and restaurant excursions, and a personalized Ayurveda yoga and fitness session.  With one session a week, the program is designed such that the individual walks away  each time with an applicable, useful tool in cultivated holistic health.  Since digestive health is interconnected with all aspects of the body-mind, the program is useful for many different types of imbalances, including fatigue, stress, pain, mental-emotional health, and women’s health.  The program is also designed to call attention to the interconnected nature between environmental health and human health with simple steps to stay eco-friendly in your health endeavors.

Each session is developed based on your individual Ayurvedic constitution, the Ayurvedic concept of DNA, but for an even more personalized approach you can pick a program focus such as: weight loss, intensive digestion re-balance, skin health, mental-emotional balance, and women’s health.  The program can also be complemented with Energy Medicine modalities including Reiki, Bengston Method, and Holographic Memory Resolution, as per your individual needs.

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