Initial Consultation
An initial 15-minute, complementary consultation gives you an opportunity to meet with Esther and learn more about possible therapies to address your health needs and goals.

Ayurveda Mind-Body Health Program
The 8-week Ayurveda Mind-Body Health Program is aimed at helping you discover how to fit your diet to your individual constitution, plan time- and pocket-friendly meals, build healthy eating habits, and relax in order to optimize healthy digestion. The program includes grocery store and restaurant excursions, a discussion on anti-aging supplements, and an Ayurveda Yoga and Fitness session. Personalized to your constitution and your needs: you can pick from weight management, energy renewal, skin care, pain management, and intensive digestion focus to name a few.  Schedule an appointment.

First Office Consultation (Ayurvedic Medicine)    
Integral in Ayurvedic Medicine practice is in-depth assessment of the individual’s unique constitution and addressing the root cause of illness.

Creating a map of your unique nature and determining where and how imbalances are occurring in your body is a process which involves partnership between you and the practitioner.  During your first two-hour consultation you and the practitioner take the time to discuss your unique health concerns and goals and to decide upon a course of therapy and your personal steps to health.  Your steps may include personalized nutrition and lifestyle guidelines, herbal therapy recommendations,  addressing the mind-body connection, and Ayurvedic therapies such as massage and shirodhara.  Esther is currently not taking new Ayurveda Personal Consultation patients.  If interested in pursuing Ayurveda, please see information on the Ayurveda Mind-Body Health Program.

Follow-up Visit (Ayurvedic Medicine)
Tracking your health development involves further assessment of the changes in your body and mind as you approach a state of balance.  This process, if charted, would not appear as a straight line on a line graph but rather as steps, twists, and turns working their way upward on a three-dimensional graph.  In a 45-minute follow-up visit, an Ayurvedic practitioner assesses these stages, working with you to suggest appropriate adjustments in your lifestyle and therapy plan.

Reiki Session

A Reiki session typically lasts 45 minutes to one hour.  The beginning of the session may include a review of your condition and goals at the present moment before proceeding to the Reiki therapy.  The session may include a “reading” of the imbalances in your body and your level of vitality by sensing the auric field.  To give Reiki, the practitioner rests or floats her hands above the individual’s body in about 17 hand positions for 1-2 minutes each.  During the session you may experience sensations of warmth, tingling, or pulsing.  Most individuals report a sensation of relaxation.  Schedule an appointment.

Bengston Method Session
A Bengston Method session lasts one hour and tends to give a revitalizing effect.  Rather than with Reiki, typically one – two hand positions are held for the entire session, usually over the abdomen.  The place where a client receives energy is decided by the practitioner by sensing the auric field.  Bengston Method benefits are most optimal when performed over eight to twelve sessions in order to completely “cycle out” illness.  Some intense emotional reactions and vivid dreams seem to be a common side effect of the Bengston Method cleansing process.  According to the field of psychoneuroimmunology, emotional imbalance often underlies physical illness and this aspect of the Bengston Method process may correlate with this finding.  Schedule an appointment.

Holographic Memory Resolution (HMR)
Holographic Memory Resolution is initially carried out in a 2-hour session which allows for adequate time to find and facilitate the release of charge associated with difficult emotional memories stored in the body.  The session includes a relaxed conversation between you and the practitioner, carried out with specific terminology and imagery that allows you to access stored memories with ease.  Each memory is addressed with a resolution that allows the area of your body that was carrying the memory to come back into balance.  Follow-up sessions last 1 hour in duration.  The number of sessions needed to progress optimally with HMR varies from person to person though typically 6-12 sessions are recommended.  Schedule an appointment.