Reiki & Meditation Healing Program

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I recently created a new community meditation and Reiki program that will start at the beginning of November.  The weekly program will last approximately forty-five minutes in duration and consist of four sections aimed at cultivating inner healing and community healing.  These sections include meditation, giving loving-kindness, self-healing Reiki, and distance Reiki.  If you choose to sign up for the program, you need not travel anywhere to participate.  All resources will be available for you to download, including guidance through the meditation and Reiki sequence.  If you have not learned Reiki or have not become attuned to do Reiki, you are still welcome to participate in the mediation sequence.  Should you have an interest in learning Reiki and practicing this part of the program as well, please see upcoming Reiki classes.

I would like to combine the practices of meditation and Reiki into a program that I think our community- local and global- greatly needs.  It is a common practice in meditation to give loving-kindness, which is the practice of giving well-wishes to oneself before giving it to others.  Likewise, Reiki has these same inherent levels of healing, first learning the art of practicing self-healing followed by giving Reiki to others.  For those of you not familiar with Reiki, one practice of Reiki is to give distance healing as well, which enables the practitioner to send healing energy to an individual, no matter where he or she is in the world.  Reiki has also been used to practice healing on the environment.

It is not a new practice for a community to come together to practice meditation and give loving-kindness to their local community.  Numerous studies have documented the positive effect that these community efforts provide.  There is more research to be carried out on the many interesting theories exploring the nature of interconnectivity and specifically how these apply to practices such as meditation and Reiki.  Please keep an eye on my blog to read explorations on these topics.  In the meantime, we can act to make the most optimal use of these healing practices that date back beyond 3,000 years to benefit the needs of our community today.  If you are interested in participating, please sign up here.  Stay tuned for more details!