Over the past few decades the “green movement” has been gaining global strength, becoming more popular or at least a part of people’s consciousness.  There is much political debate that could be carried out about the numerous aspects of this movement but there is also a scientific research which may lend credence to the necessity of taking care of the Earth that goes beyond the tug-a-war of global warming.

In sections of this website regarding Reiki we learn about the Schumann resonance and how brain waves can become entrained with the geomagnetic field of the Earth under certain states of consciousness.  Is there more to this connection?  Is there any way that we affect the Earth or the Earth affects us on this fundamental level?

Statistical evidence shows that mass human behavioral disturbances are linked to disturbances in the earth’s magnetic field or to man-made interferences.  For instance, research has shown a relationship between increased geomagnetic activity and the rate of admission of patients to 35 psychiatric facilities (Friedman et al, 1965; Oschman).  Familiar concepts such as staying in tune with the rhythms of the Earth,  like the circadian rhythm, is important for human health.  When research subjects were put in enclosed rooms isolated from the geomagnetic rhythms of the Earth they developed longer and irregular or desynchronized or chaotic physiological rhythms (Wever, 1968; Oschman).  This concept, in its extreme form, has been utilized as a form of torture as well.

Extensive research has been conducted from various perspectives in order to attempt to determine the cause of the recent drastic changes in the Earth’s climate.  In 2009 the results of a study by geophysicists Mads Faurschou Knudsen and Peter Riisager of Denmark were published, demonstrating that the Earth’s climate is affected by the Earth’s geomagnetic field.  This research was very controversial, bringing many to conclude that this signifies that man-made CO2 emissions are not the primary cause of global warming.  Other studies have pointed to methane emissions, which remain in the atmosphere for three times longer than CO2 emissions, as a result of livestock farming (Livestock’s Long Shadow) to be the main cause; others have added in the effect of overfishing on the Oceans’ temperatures and the change in the pipeline of the Oceans’ currents or the deforestation of the “Lungs of the World”- the Amazon Rainforest- by 70%; and still others have examined the effect of movement in the Earth’s magnetic poles over the past 105 years (Kerton, Adrian K., Climate Change and the Earth’s Magnetic Poles, A Possible Connection).  This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the research into which many great minds have invested their time, energy, and livelihood.

What happens when this is all linked together?  Unfortunately, strict adherence to reason sometimes causes the most disciplined student of science to quickly discredit a new thought, theory, or research rather then reflecting and questioning.  The purest form of science is not to judge but to question: Why?  Because ultimately, the reason of science is very high and pure in its intention but since man is the reasoner and man is imperfect, subject to his own formative principles of perception, reason is not enough.  It is not enough when it comes to understanding the workings of the Earth, our home, and our connection with it or it’s own with ours.  Science, if allowed to indulge in this question of “Why?” may find itself drawn into the midst of a chaos which can be made more comfortable and even more ordered if scientists, the “reasoners”, draw upon each other’s work to form a more comprehensive view of the nature of life.  The chaos exists in any case; it’s just hidden behind the order of the separate and compartmentalized.

What causes the magnetic poles of the Earth to move?  How do CO2 and methane emissions affect the Earth’s geomagnetic field?  If each living being has a specific, unique “biofield fingerprint” what happens if one of these species becomes extinct?  Given that the heart produces an electromagnetic field that is six times stronger than that of the brain and there is an apparent heart-brain connection in the formation of emotions, can and do humans have an energetic effect on nature?  What happens if the underlying concepts of bioquantum research only just being applied to humans are applied to the Earth as well?

The questions could be endless.  Ancient mystical intuition is far simpler though infinitely more controversial in modern society.

One of the fundamental principles of the ancient Ayurvedic Medical system is that man is a miniature replica of the universe.  Whatever exists in man exists in the universe and vice versa.  Individuals are recommended to construct their lifestyles to the seasons since each seasonal change has a direct effect on the body, making individuals more “immune” to some illnesses and more vulnerable to others.  More and more scientific research is pointing to the interconnections between man and the environment.  There are many questions and perspectives to consider in solving the issues surrounding the state of our Earth but in the meantime simple actions taken by the individual, taken by communities may ultimately at least in part address the issues before the questions are answered.

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