Holistic Chicago

At Health Harmony Web, you will find a route to living healthfully and meaningfully, with modalities rooted in wisdom from Ayurvedic Medicine, Energy Medicine and Reiki, and a foundation based on additional holistic health traditions.  Wherever you are and whatever you are experiencing in life, there are numerous paths, numerous possibilities at your feet.  Esther Kovacs, Master Reiki and Ayurvedic Practitioner, helps you decide which is most suited to you at this time and how you can go about not only getting through but growing through your challenges so that you come out stronger at the other end.

At the root of these healing systems is the common thread that health stems from the balance of mind, body, and spirit:

Mind: Are you consistently stressed?  What emotions do you tend towards and are you able to transform them to grow in a positive direction?

Body: Are you experiencing wear, strain, or illness anywhere in your body?  Did you know that what is healthy for the next person is not necessarily healthy for you?

Spirit: Are you or have you gone through some sort of life crisis which still occupies your thoughts or shapes the way you live your life?  Did you know that each particular life crisis affects a certain energetic point, and therefore physical point, of the body, creating imbalance in that area?

Whether it is relief from stress that you are looking for with Reiki therapy or addressing and targeting the root cause of imbalance while learning a natural lifestyle through Ayurveda, Health Harmony Web can guide you in living a balanced, whole life.