Chicago Reiki

Esther Kovacs, Master Reiki Practitioner, offers one-hour Reiki sessions at her two locations in the Loop and Lakeview area.  Contact Esther to make an appointment today.

Reiki is a form of Energy Medicine which can be helpful in addressing a variety of conditions.  Current research and technology demonstrates that the nature of illness first manifests in the energy field and in an imbalance of the chakras, often through emotional imbalance, before it ever manifests in the body as physical illness.  When physical indicators begin to match up with emotional and energetic indicators is when physical illness manifests.  Research demonstrates that Reiki works by targeting these energetic imbalances, affecting the seed and root of imbalance in order to bring about healing on a physical or emotional level.  Specifically, the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) Camera developed by Russian scientist Dr. Konstantin Korotkov utilizes the science of electrophonics to capture images of light energy and energetic emissions of the body.

Certified in Heart-based Reiki with additional training within the Usui system of Reiki and other Energy Medicine modalities through her experiences in India, Esther’s focus and intention is on channeling “life force” energy which naturally works on not only the physical aspect of illness but the emotional nature of imbalance.  She utilizes her background in meditation and yoga practice to remain a clear channel for passing the needed energy on to the patient.


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