Build your way up, making bridges and ultimately becoming familiar with the original language of Ayurved:


-Lad, Vasant. Textbook of Ayurved, Volume 1: The Fundamentals.

-Warrier, Gopi and Deepika Gunawant. The Complete Illustrated Guide to Ayurveda: The Ancient Healing Tradition.

-Valiathan, MS. The Legacy of Caraka; The Legacy of Vaghbhat; The Legacy of Susrut.  (Note: These books are good introductions before diving into the extensive volumes of Carak, Vaghbhat, and Sustrut.)

-Srikantha Murthy, Prof. K.R. Astanga Samgraha of Vagbhata [Text, English Translation, Notes, Indeces, Etc.]. Varanasi, India: Chowkhambha Sanskrit Series Office, 2007.

-Sharma, R.K and Bhagwan Dash. Caraka Samhita [Text with English Translation & Critical Exposition Based on Cakrapani Datta’s Ayurveda Dipika].  Varanasi, India: Chowkhambha Sanskrit Series Office, 2007.


Esther’s choice for Ayurvedic books