Ayurveda for Weight Loss

Holding excessive weight is a significant issue in modern society with approximately 30% of Americans being overweight and 30% being obese.  Over the past decade it has been shown that childhood obesity in Chicago is much more prevalent as compared to US childhood obesity.  How has this factored into adult health?  With these facts to face, the average individual considers these issues to be one of overnourishment.  However, if considered from an Ayurvedic perspective, the common diet in the United States is one of undernourishment leading to excessive weight gain rather than overnourishment.

A significant number of foods consumed in the United States are ones which have been engineered in such a way that their nutritional content has been removed.  Are you reaching for that second slice of bread, still hungry for more?  Your body is lacking the nourishment it needs and instead suffering from the empty calories that you are feeding it.  You may also be truly craving nourishment though it is not necessarily physical nourishment that you need from food but rather emotional nourishment that you have not been receiving from yourself, from the activities which you carry out in your daily life, or from the company you keep.  The key to maintaining an ideal weight healthy for you specifically and for your body-type lies in ensuring that your body receives adequate nutrition, that you follow a lifestyle which provides you with vitality, and that you are ensuring that your life as a whole is nourishing.

To kick-start this process, concepts and regiments from Ayurveda can be instilled:

  • follow a diet and undergo an individualized cleanse which helps to clear blockages in the body that often contribute to excessive weight gain
  • implement an exercise routine suited formatted to your individual needs
  • incorporate lifestyle measures which decrease stress and ease the body-mind into a state in which it can readily shed excessive weight
  • utilize breathing exercises, yoga exercises, and a physical exercise regiment which helps to promote increased “digestion” rate
  • utilize herbs which clear blockages in the body and tonify the tissues, allowing for proper formation of tissues and natural release of weight
  • incorporate specific tactics and herbs through common Ayurvedic therapies which promote strength of mind and encourage you as an individual to reach the goal of achieving your ideal weight

Ayurveda is not a tool for temporary results and instead can be utilized to create significant change in your quality of life.  The process towards doing so is created with one step after the other, engaging you in all of your potential as you feel ready to do so.   Incorporating this mindset and developing a lifestyle and diet suited to you, as well as maintaining health through rasayana, or rejuvenation and revitalization, can help to ensure that you are properly nourished.


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