Letting Go of Fear

A friend of my recently made a statement that really struck a cord with me: “Living in fear is the worst way to live.”

letting go

How true?

How many times do we face an illness or the prospect of illness with fear in our hearts? Illness can loom over you, shaping the ins and outs of your day so that you’re living in a cloud, living in a shadow of what you could be.  The severity of an illness can definitely bring daunting thoughts to mind as we fight against the dreams of “what ifs” that haunt us, shouldering and taking on an identity of illness in an acceptance of its heavy hands.

Don’t let it weigh you down.

How alive are you really?

The body deteriorates over time.  That is the nature of its being and of life.  But does your spirit have to do the same?  As you seek physical health can you not also venture into explorations of strength of mind and strength of spirit?  Are you one-fourth alive? Three-fourths alive?  How about fully alive?

In Ayurveda the word for body is “sharir” which has many translations, one of which is “to deteriorate.”  We can seek abundance in life by taking care of the home of our bodies, replenishing it with nourishing food suited to our personal constitutions, and carrying out daily activities that bring about rejuvenation rather than compounded deterioration.


However, the sharir is also tied to the health of the atma, the soul.  Sharir houses the atma and all of its physical aspects are profoundly affected by a state of mind.  For instance, anger thrashes against the liver, creating excess Pitta, or fire, while sadness and anxiety weaken the heart.  The two- the sharir and the atma- are like teachers for each other, constantly engaging in a debate on the state of life you choose to pursue.

Take the high road.  Embrace your body, embrace your spirit, and adventure on with life.  You’re too whole to do otherwise.