Summer Mint Cucumber Smoothie

photo credit: The Perfect Pantry

photo credit: The Perfect Pantry

I have been seeing a lot of popular posts for yummy smoothie recipes.  Nothing like gulping down a refreshing fruit smoothie in the heat of the summer.  Though these smoothies all look delicious, I would subtract one or two ingredients and make a couple of notes.  Mainly?  I would say drop the ice.


From an Ayurvedic perspective, ice is really hard on your digestive system.  Your body is going to have a hard time maintaining balance and trying to get you to that place of feeling cool.

Our digestive system is just like any other part of our bodies, susceptible and vulnerable to injury depending on how we treat it.  From an Ayurvedic perspective, your stomach and the beginning part of your small intestine are like a small fire that rises and sets with the sun, strongest in the middle of the day (think: largest meal at lunch).  What happens when you pour water on fire?  It goes out.  This weakens your digestion and can create imbalance in your digestive tract.

Each food has an energetic property that the body handles differently than the actual temperature of the food.  For instance, a food like ginger can be heating and can be helpful if you’re experiencing bloating or nausea due to substances not moving through the stomach properly or too much cold in the stomach.  In the summer it can feel nice to counteract the onslaught of heat by incorporating foods that are cooling to the body.

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How about a mint cucumber smoothie?

Both mint and cucumber are cooling and nourishing, refreshing the body inside and out, especially beneficial for reducing redness or rosacea of the skin and promoting elasticity.  Avocado is nourishing and lubricating to the body, drawing out the stabilizing and strengthening aspects of Kapha which is what builds up your body to remain vital.  Interestingly enough, this Ayurvedic take on the benefits of avocado correlate with the nutrition view that avocado provides your body with all 18 essential amino acids.  The combination of these ingredients will help to cool your body down while nourishing it, giving you the energy to go bound away into the sun 🙂

Blend away…

–          8 oz coconut water

–          5-6 mint leaves

–          ½ cucumber peeled & sliced

–          ½ cup green grapes

–          ¼ avocado

–          Squeeze of fresh lime

–          Stevia or raw honey to taste

… and enjoy!