Holographic Cancer and a Journey into Narnia

The other day I was exploring the grocery store, trying to find myself a suitable snack to have in the interim of my classes.  As I did, I was reminded of how alarming the “food” we eat can be in terms of its effect on our health, with ingredients such as BHT, a cancer-causing agent, tagged on to a long list of ingredients.

This got me thinking about what, in fact, causes cancer and illness in general in the first place.  In the classic model of biology, we are taught that certain stimuli are known to “turn on” cancer genes and everyone carries in them some number of cancer cells.  Only when this cancer cell production is uncontrolled does cancer itself become more rampant and destructive in the body. 

In college I was once a self-made victim of tanning vanity and this shortly after I had learned in my biology course that the p53 gene is one specific gene that, once turned on, results in unchecked skin cancer growth.  During my tanning episode I couldn’t help but obsessively think about, “p53 gene!  p53 gene!” like a broken tape recorder. (- remember those?  …Needless to say, I strayed away from tanning booths after that.) Though this system of thought of physical factors creating genetic change in the body still stands as valid in my mind, there is another which is even more compelling.

Research has shown that emotions are actually physical molecules stored in the body.  But how and where are they stored?  Current cutting edge theories point out that emotions, interrelated with memories, are stored throughout the body.    More specifically, it has been uncovered that these emotions may have not only a physical location but an array of physical effects, particularly in becoming structured beliefs or belief systems over time.  Consider this in conjunction with the finding that our beliefs and belief systems, stemming primarily from our subconscious, are what have the power to control semi-conducting proteins in our bodies and we have entered entirely new territory in our current prevailing paradigm of scientific study.  These proteins are the powerhouse behind DNA.  In other words, DNA is the structure, the blueprint, through which all action takes place, not the source of action itself.  Furthermore, 95% of our experiences and life patterns are drawn out of a pool of our subconscious versus only 5% from our conscious mind.  The questions is, is there something in particular existing or instilled in the subconscious or each individual subconscious mind that creates a fertile breeding ground for cancer? …

… especially given the apparent deduction that your subconscious is the driver behind the wheel?

Want to meet the driver?

David Bohm, quantum physicist, and Karl Pribram, neurophysiologist, both independently and simultaneously came to the conclusion that the universe is holographic while cognitive function and the brain can be described as holonomic.  This brings to question our modern-day Narnia: does reality actually exist and, if it does, how?  The potential implications of this theory are involved and extensive, but in terms of health and consciousness, it lends to understanding that the mind and memory are present throughout the body and can be accessed given the use of the appropriate language and mechanisms.  Memories of a detrimental emotional and physical nature, once accessed and provided with a “null” charge, as with Holographic Memory Resolution, cease to inhibit personal growth while also allowing the individual to expand the amount of conscious information, and therefore subsequent decisions, available to him.

He becomes empowered.  His own Aslan.

Empowered health.  Empowered physically, emotionally, and consciously.  Now that’s true mind over matter

– or perhaps just a door.