Seeing Clearly

I know what it is like to be misread, to be labeled, to hold a superficial vantage point in another’s eyes.  I also know what it is like to be seen clearly.  More importantly, I know what it is like to see myself clearly.

photo credit: Phoebe Jaspe

Clear sight, the kind that goes down to the bones, through which one can see another’s heart, is something I often think about.

Having lived in a few countries, I have sometimes been only too well aware of the changing perceptions directed towards me.  White, woman, American accent, traveling alone.  Even with a few more details added in, sometimes the superficial assumptions still continue.  In all this I became more aware of my own identity, the truths and integral parts of who I am, who I was where I was, and who I am where I am now.

What I know is this: self-discovery is the ultimate journey.  Forget the Himalayas, forget the Bermuda triangle.  You.  Yourself.  That’s where all the beauty and all mystery awaits. Discovering yourself lends boundless freedom

Why do I say this?  …what does this have to do with health?  Everything.

Knowing yourself can help you to make conscious decisions about your everyday life, in what direction you want to steer it, and what patterns you want to create in your life versus having the overlapping patterns of your life dominate you.  The inherent spectrum of expanding consciousness is a valley at which most of us just stand at the edge, peering into the abyss that could be ourselves and our limitless potential.  At the beginning of the descent is a growing and nurturing of reflection, of cleaning the mirror in order to more fully understand and appreciate your character, your choices, and the effects of the environment- physical, social, and intimate- surrounding you.  Continue on this path and you’ll find that control comes with a sense of ease, that gaining control means wading knee-deep through your fears and not turning around.

The exciting part (don’t be fooled by initial frustration- it’s not disappointing) is that this journey never ends.  A decision to live your life with increasing awareness is one that brims with rewards of luminosity- true peace, joy, and love.  Some notable scientists decided that rather than cautiously walk into this abyss, they’ll just plunge right in- bungee jump, sky dive, catapult… you name it- that’s what they did.   Stanislav Grof, psychiatric researcher, conducted experiments demonstrating the indestructible nature of consciousness beyond the death of the body and the presence of a tapestry of consciousness that seems to link all through phenomena such as synchronicity.  David Bohm, a protégé of Einstein’s, has noted that our current worldview is characterized by the belief that we are fragmented from each other and that the world and universe in general is composed of fragmented parts.  His conclusion?  This assumption is not only false but it also severely limits the progress of humanity.

Compelled?  “I want consciousness like that!”  Start simple.  Start at the beginning.  Start with yourself.