Believe in the Unbelievable: Believe in Yourself

photo credit: Lisa Place

Holistic Thesaurus Search: excuse

Results: lack of awareness, fear, projection, uncertainty, victim, disempowerment, procrastination, ignorance, despair, hesitancy

Have you ever truly realized that you are full of unlimited potential?  Yes, your life may present barriers (ehem, challenges) and they may be a struggle to work through.  They may seem insurmountable.

They’re not.

What do you need to do to feel at peace with yourself, to feel joy within yourself?  The opposite of feeling down, of feeling a lack of control is not necessarily a sense of constant happiness.  It is a feeling of serenity and having faith and trust in yourself and the unfolding of your life.

Emotions have been shown to have a physical effect on the body.  In fact, they have been shown to be physical entities- molecules- which act like any other physical molecule in the body.  They travel as information through the living matrix of the body, forming physical patterns, even the internal and external physical structures of our body, shaping our posture, and so on and so forth.  Where do emotions come from?  How do we experience the most intense emotions?

Life.  The way that you live your life in turn creates your most significant emotions.  Love your job?  Hate it?  Haven’t been able to forgive?  Feel secure in your relationships?  Are you following through on your dreams?  Better yet, have you stopped to reflect on what your dreams are?  Are you honoring yourself?

Often times a feeling of being frozen in place, unable to move, comes from already knowing the answer to the question you’ve been asking yourself or that is staring you in the face.  Your intuition comes from your heart intelligence which is expressed when your heart rhythms are coherent with your brain waves.  When you live through your intuition, you live from your purest form of intelligence and you are able to make choices which manifest joy within you and around you.

On the other hand, feeling frozen may also come from a previous trauma which you have not yet fully addressed.  If this is the case, there are options.  For instance, energy work has been shown to have the effect of producing a microgenetic moment at which point traumatic memories are released from the body.  Appropriate herbs, working on a physical level, may help to dissolve physical accumulations of emotions.  Whatever modality you choose to use, you can certainly benefit from a support system and working with someone who helps you to grow and release yourself from being a victim.

Gaining back a sense of control and a sense of trust and faith in yourself can take time.  But it is worth it.  You are worth it.  Just one step… or one leap and flight at a time!