Free Falling into Faith

Life can be a bungee jump, the untrodden path, diving into cold water at sunrise.  Sometimes its unexpected turns take the breath away… but then again, it’s at that point that you learn how to breathe to the fullest again.  The feeling of failure, or perhaps just the fear of it, comes to all of us. When it comes to your bungee jump into life, what is it that you are afraid of?  What is it that is holding you back?

When you feel the fear of failure or are hurt from its bite just remember: you bear within you all the potential of the universe.  One of the central concepts in Ayurved is that man is a microcosm, a miniature replica, of the universe; whatever exists in the universe exists in man and vice versa. The universe and existence in general in its many forms creates many fine and distinct patterns which replicate themselves at each level and “size” of existence.  For example, like the nadis recognized in Yoga practice as well as by some schools of Ayurved, the Earth is patterned by energy lines which are electromagnetic in nature.  Like the chakras of the body, these Ley Lines are also dotted by central points and, in this case, are electrical, magnetic, or electromagnetic in nature.

If you bear within you all the potentials of the universe- all the failures and triumphs of mankind, the laws and upside-down laws of nature, the sway of the seen and unseen- what does this mean?  Firstly, these are potentials, not absolutes, and not necessarily tangible realities.  Secondly, whatever you choose to acknowledge as your perspective is more likely to make these potentials absolutes.

According to recent research, DNA is not the switchboard for our biology but is actually controlled by external signals, including our thoughts, whether they be positive or negative.  Environmental signals affect the functioning of proteins which, like shirtsleeves, cover genes. Depending on the signal, these proteins will either remove themselves from the gene or remain covering them, controlling which gene is turned on or off. Our thoughts, positive and negative, each carry a specific frequency, that communicate through the structures of the body, specifically through the semi-conducting proteins which make up virtually every crystalline structure of the body, including DNA (see previous blog, The Butterfly of Winter, for more information).  Essentially, what you believe, what your thoughts emanate, play a significant role in forming your physical reality including the state of your health.

Do you have a healthy sense of faith?  If no, why not?  Fear is an emotion which, depending on the nature of the situation or event that has shaken you, can affect specific organs and glands in the body.  Fear based on betraying or feeling betrayed by your family or a close group of friends can manifest as physical illness in the lower abdominal region, such as reproductive issues, if not released.  In unraveling the ties of fear, it is helpful to do some reflection in order to regain a sense of faith whether it be in yourself or in an external force:

  • Are you judging yourself? If so, how, and what is it that you need to do in order to release your inner critic?
  • Does anyone have control over your willpower and why?
  • Do you try to control others? If so, who, and why do you feel the need to control them?
  • What belief patterns do you have that causes you to interpret the actions of others in a negative way?
  • What attitudes do you have that disempower you?*

Introspection can bring about a sense of faith which enables you live your life more calmly, more at ease, and with a stronger sense of who you are and what you would like to do with your life.  Often what makes us afraid is that which we cannot see and when it comes to the self, there is often times a lot that we do not necessarily acknowledge or of which we are not aware.  So go ahead and bungee-jump into yourself- lose yourself and find yourself in all the pieces of the sky you never knew were there.

*Some questions taken from Caroline Myss, Anatomy of the Spirit