The Butterfly of Winter

There is something magical and oh-so-peaceful about snow falling and flying from a deep and veiled sky; something about the cover of a endless white created by a countless number of snowflakes- each one of them with a different set of wings, each one of them beautiful and perfect. The universe replicates itself at each level of existence and if we pay close attention, we can come to know how these same stories of winged snowflakes are told inside each of us.

photo credit: 80 weeks, Smugmug

“Like snowflakes, the human pattern is never cast twice.  We are uncommonly and marvelously intricate in thought and action, our problems are most complex and, too often, silently borne.” -Alice Childress

That each human is unique in not an uncommon concept.  It is a thought that we may have heard as school children as winter words of wisdom from the lessons of a teacher. As we began to grow and become immersed in the language and culture of modern science, we perhaps went on to learn about how our unique existence was much due to the structure and functioning of DNA in our bodies. These microscopic structures created the blueprint for, in many senses, what we would become. Interestingly enough, many more ancient forms of medicine and healing also included the concept of a natural, inherent constitution which forms the basis for physical and mental characteristics as well as tendencies towards specific disease, as fundamental. For instance, Ayurveda describes the natural physical constitution, or sharir prakruti, in terms of a unique make-up of the three doshas and their qualities. But is this the end of the story? How are we understanding these age-old concepts along with our modern theories on individuality?

The genes create structures, but the genes do not control them; the vital force does not create structures, the vital force directs them.” -Claude Bernard

DNA, as it turns out, is even more remarkable than once thought in many aspects: it is crystalline in structure and it is surrounded by and stabilized by water molecules. What does this mean? A crystalline structure is much like soldiers marching in parallel formation or dominos lined up in parallel patterns. If one is pushed down, what happens? Communication can occur very quickly in a crystalline structure, especially since biophotons- given that they are light- travel at the speed of light. Biphotons could indeed be the “life force” (read: the “ki” of Reiki or “prana” of Ayurveda, for instance) moving through the structures of DNA, indicating that the structure of DNA may be just that- structure, not necessarily function- and may be more subject to change than once thought.

And water? Where does water come into play? At least 70% of the body is composed of water and this water is not just floating around arbitrarily in the body. It lines and stabilizes virtually every structure of the body and is a significant component of the living matrix (main communication network including the communication of biophotons) in the body, serving as another vital component of the communication network of the body.

photo credit: Masuro Emoto

Is there a “butterfly effect” in the body-mind? What sort of tendencies are we “crystallizing” into our bodies and minds? Your emotions have a very specific and unique effect on the state of your internal balance and sense wholeness so much so that they may be the root, underlying cause of a state of dis-ease if not at the very least a contributing factor. You are unique in every possible regard and your place and role in creating magic and peace is irreplaceable just as each thought and act you experience or carry out has a significant, vital role in your physical experience of life. What are you waiting for? Go on and unfold your wings and fly this winter. The cocoon may feel safe and friendly but what about the thrill of soaring in the way that only you can?