Once upon a time

Once upon a time… I had a story.  And you had a story too.  There are many different kinds of stories- as many as there are fingerprints.  Perhaps “once upon a time” was a story of pain, perhaps a story of being a victim, and then perhaps a story of healing.  The mind is one of the most powerful sources that you can draw upon for healing and achieving optimal health.  But how is your mind working?  What stories have you created for yourself?

photo credit: WallPaperersonWeb

It is worthwhile to take a moment to explore the patterns and definitions of the mind which create the perceptions which we acknowledge as reality.  Unlocking the flow of perception and becoming aware of how we create our identity can be transformative in developing a powerful tool for achieving or maintaining holistic health.

Considering health from a purely physical perspective can, at times, present difficulties.  You may ask, “But isn’t the body constantly regenerating?  Is it not true, for instance, that you have a completely new layer of skin every two weeks?  Then why haven’t I healed?”

One possible answer: your mind and your consciousness.

Research shows that consciousness cannot be identified as a location but rather as a process.   Calcium build-up in thalamic neurons in the thalamus, located between the cerebral cortex and the midbrain, gives rise to the emission of calcium waves which become entrained with one another.  These waves spread out not only upwards through the brain, through the cerebral cortex, but also throughout the body via a system called the perineural system, often overlooked in its integral role in the functioning of the body-mind.  The waves interact with the whole of the body, where memories and impressions are stored.  In fact, these impressions are what form your reality.  The impressions and perceptions, built off of early experiences that are then energetically and molecularly stored in the body, “decide” reality before experiences even have a chance to be processed.  To summarize: you are forming your reality before your brain ever processes external stimuli and experiences.

How are you processing “your world?”

What is your story of who you are now?  Do you have a healthy psychology of healing that you can draw on as you work your way to health?  Or are you attached to definitions of yourself, your capabilities, and your relationships which may be inhibiting you from taking a step forward and actively pursuing health, whether from an emotional or physical standpoint?  As Helen Keller once wrote, “When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.” Helen Keller’s words can be applied to more situation than one.

In order to tap into the capabilities of your consciousness it is helpful to maintain awareness of your feelings, both physically and emotionally, as well as examine the stories that you may have for yourself such as the state in which you are in now as well as your past.  Emotions are molecules and they are “sticky.”   They are also most often housed in memories which are then stored in the body.  Even changing the language which you use to describe your emotional or physical state can begin to alter how you perceive your experiences.  Otherwise, a given pattern of perception will consistently form the same body and the same mind over and over again as you become frustrated, asking yourself “why?”

Like an athlete training for an event, visualizing his race and the exact movements he would be taking, you can begin to rework your perceptions of yourself and your life. For instance, re-telling the story of your past with a focus on the positive, or recognizing the silver linings of challenges you encountered can begin to re-form the identity that you have today.  Most of us can recall a favorite childhood story.  Why not make your own story your favorite?