Miracles, the Mind, and Mystery: Unraveling the Mind-Body Connection

The mind-body connection.  How far connected is it exactly and what does this mean?

photo credit: tejiendoelmundo

Many have heard the wonder stories of people who have miraculously cured themselves of cancer, even recovered from paralysis.  What has your reaction been?  Amazement?  Wonder?  Hope?  Disbelief? –even anger?  For an individual living in relative health the stories are often just stories.  For those struggling with a chronic illness or condition or having watched someone else do so, the mind may see-saw from one of enthusiastic inspiration to frustrated despair.  Science is exploring, science is researching, yet you are the one living with the illness.  You are the one fighting to make a change.

As research breaks new ground patience is a virtue that we can all value as we either stand by those fighting or are fighting ourselves.  In the meantime, the stories keep unfolding and the ensuing hope may keep tired bodies sheltered at least for some time.  The following is one of my favorite mind-body “miracle” stories:

“The man’s name was Mirin Dajo, and in public performances at the Corso Theater in Zurich, he left audiences stunned.  In plain view Dajo would have an assistant stick a fencing foil completely through his body, clearly piercing vital organs but causing Dajo no harm or pain.
Like Schwartz, when the foil was removed, Dajo did not bleed and only a faint red line marked the spot where the foil had entered and exited.

Dajo’s performance proved so nerve-racking to his audiences that eventually one spectator suffered a heart attack, and Dajo was legally banned from performing in public.  However, a Swiss doctor named Hans Naegeli-Osjord learned of Dajo’s alleged abilities and asked him if he would submit to scientific scrutiny.  Dajo agreed, and on May 31, 1947, he entered the Zurich cantonal hospital.  In addition to Dr. Naegeli-Osjord, Dr. Werner Brunner, the chief of surgery at the hospital, was also present, as were numerous other doctors, students, and journalists.  Dajo bared his chest and concentrated, and then, in full view of the assemblage, he had his assistant plunge the foil through his body.

As always, no blood flowed and Dajo remained completely at ease.  But he was the only one smiling.  The rest of the crowd had turned to stone.  By all rights, Dajo’s vital organs should have been severely damaged, and his seeming good health was almost too much for doctors to bear.  Filled with disbelief, they asked Dajo if he would submit to an X-ray.  He agreed and without apparent effort accompanied them up the stairs to the X-ray room, the foil still through his abdomen.  The X-ray was taken and the result indeniable.  Dajo was indeed impaled.  Finally, a full twenty minutes after he had been pierced, the foil was removed, leaving only two faint scars.  Later, Dajo was tested by scientists in Basel, and even let the doctors themselves run him through with the foil.  Dr. Naegeli-Osjord later related the entire case to the German physicist Alfred Stelter, and Stelter reported it in his book Psi-Healing.”

-Michael Talbot, The Holographic Universe

photo credit: The Mirin Dajo Gallery

Supernatural or ordinary human?  This more extreme mind-body tale is not the average case taken on by mind-body researchers though the astounding excerpts from human history can nonetheless paint a very fascinating picture of the possibilities of the human mind.  The question is, if the unthinkable is possible, how can it be achieved?

This is a question in which, ultimately, the jury is still out.  Visualization is the primary method utilized in healing through the mind-body connection with studies showing that the same neuronal circuits fired with athletes visualizing their performances rather than actually physically performing and doctors having success with patients visualizing their illnesses away.  For some, visualization seems to bring unprecedented success.  For others, it bears frustration.  Where is the missing link?  How can this technique be made to work for everyone rather than stand out as a lone miracle?

Research is showing that the human body is capable of extreme feats when the mind-body is in tune with the electromagnetic field of the Earth.  These moments, with practice, can also occur more and more with consistent meditation and with the elated feelings brought about by taking part in activity which one truly enjoys.  That feeling when you feel completely free and unbounded?  That’s the one.  Research is ongoing, never-ending, and overturning rocks aloft of many mysteries.  But you are here now and maybe in the meantime your unbounded mind will unlock some of those mysteries of reaching personal whole health.  Your health is a journey which takes time with each new strong, solid step.  Following through and exercising your mind in your journey towards health may bring you more strength than you could have expected.